David Ibarboure


"Above all, I look for good people. They can always learn their trade and hone their skills later"

What made you want to become a head chef?
My family, who have been cooking since I was very young.

What is the first dish that struck a chord with you?
My grandpa's Basque gateau, made with citrus peel.
Who has influenced you in your cooking style or philosophy?
Pierre Gagnaire, because of the feelings he passes on through his dishes.
Who inspires you? Where does your inspiration come from?
From many sources: books, trips, nature, the sea, etc.
What is your favourite cooking method?
A simple one, cooked well.
What is your favourite ingredient?
Espelette chilli peppers: sweet and spicy at the same time.
What is your favourite cooking utensil?
A knife to test the food.

What materials do you prefer for your pans and saucepans?
Copper, although I mainly use stainless steel.
What would you like to change about the cooking schools? What advice would you give to young chefs?
I'd like us to help them develop their creativity.
What do you look for when you hire someone for your restaurant?
Above all, I look for good people. They can always learn their trade and hone their skills later.
How do you motivate your team?
Telling them that they are making our clients happy every day.

What would you like to change in the catering world?
All the fast food chains for real traditional restaurants.

How do you react to difficult or rude customers?
We remain friendly and courteous, so long as they don't go over the line.
What is your favourite place to relax?
A river in the midst of a forest, where you are guaranteed to be alone.
What drives your ambition?
A desire to do things well for my customers and everyone around me.
Which of your dishes are you most proud of?
The egg cooked just so, truffle jam, brioche and artichoke.

What is your favourite restaurant?
Currently, 'Akelarre' in San Sebastián because of the welcome from Mr. Subijana.

Which current chef do you admire and why?
Pierre Gagnaire, for the creative spirit going into each of his dishes.
If you could create your ideal cooking team, who would you choose? 
Mr ROBUCHON: for his precision.
Mr GAGNAIRE: for his creativity.
Mr DUCASSE: for his management skills.