1.Where does your passion for cooking come from?

My passion for cooking started in my younger years when I changed completely my diet to a vegan/macrobiotic and had to start cooking for myself. It turned out to be an amazing introduction to different ingredients, food cultures and ultimately to the professional world of cooking.

2.What is it that your profession has that others don't have?

It offers a combination of creativeness, working with the seasons, nature and different cooking cultures and techniques.

3.If you could change your profession, what would it be?

Working in the music industry

4.Tell me three ingredients that you can't miss in your kitchen?

Root vegetables, mushrooms, fish and seafood.

5.What is your favorite dish?

I have more many. Anything from the plant world always excites me. I also love fish and seafood and food cultures like the Middle East, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, to name a few.

6.Do you know any dish of the Spanish gastronomy?

Yes, specially from Catalonia where I’ve worked for some years.

7.What is your favorite specialty or recipe?

Plant based dishes, fish and seafood.

8.Do you remember any recipe from your childhood that is special to you?

I have great memories from both my grand parents houses. Christmas, Easter and summers were important family moments.

Always good soups like onion, spinach cream, green-peas and cottage cheese,. Legumes stews with cod fish and other meats or fish. Fava beans stews with pork, chorizo and poached eggs, turkey stuffing, quince crumble and marmalade.

9.What is it that makes your restaurant special?

 At the moment I have no restaurant but in all of the ones I’ve worked before it was always about having the best quality ingredients, seasonal and well sourced. Also having a high standard for customer service.

10.In the case of knowing any dish of Spanish gastronomy, would you dare to replicate it, but in your own style?

Yes, I’ve done it before with some recipes like salmorejos, ajo blanco, sofritos, salsa romesco, to name a few.

11.What does being an ambassador of the Cook and Chef Foundation bring to you?

 Being an ambassador of the Cook and Chef Foundation allows me to be in touch with experts in design and technology in the world of cooking.Knowing that I am using ranges of pots and pans that have been developed as something much more than just tools, is inspiring and arouses various emotions.