1. Where does your passion for cooking come from?

From going to markets and cooking with my mother, from eating in restaurants or street places with my father who took the whole family to taste and learn about all kinds of food.

2. What is it that your profession has that others don't?

It is a profession in which creativity and knowledge about the ingredients is combined with the skill to create different aromas and flavors. The feedback of the executed dishes is immediate, which I love.

3. If you could change your profession, what would it be?

I wouldn't want to change it.

4. Tell me three ingredients that can't be missing in your kitchen?

Tomatoes, chiles, corn

5. What is your favorite dish?

I have many, but I love soups.

6. Do you know any dish of Spanish gastronomy?

Yes many, gazpacho, fabada, paella, salmorejo, croquettes, tortillas etc. ....

7. What is your specialty or favorite recipe?

My specialty is Mexican cuisine and I have many favorite recipes, but I love to prepare salsas and moles.

8. Do you remember any recipe from your childhood that is special to you?

There are many, but there is one in particular and it is a totally vegan soup (I am not vegan, I clarify) that I longed to eat when I went to Oaxaca and it was in season. It is a soup that is made using zucchini, pumpkin stems and leaves, pumpkin flowers, no waste of this vegetable, it also has corn (fresh corn), onion, garlic, pepper and is accompanied by a few drops of lemon and a sauce of chile pasilla Mixe (Oaxacan), which is a delicious smoked chile from the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. It is worth mentioning that the ingredients are now available all year round.

9. What makes your restaurant special?

We prepare traditional Mexican cuisine, and we do everything from scratch, there are no cuts or quick steps in the preparations. Attention to detail.

10.  In the case of knowing any dish of Spanish gastronomy, would you dare to replicate it, but in your own style?

I think so, I make a very good gazpacho, in my own style.

11. What does it bring you to be an ambassador of the Cook and Chef Foundation?

First of all, it is an honor to represent them, I love that they are always at the forefront of new utensils, new finishes, and of course to be able to use them and recommend them!