1.Where does your passion for cooking come from?

My passion comes from family origins, at my mother's house it was always important for us to get together in the kitchen to talk. It made me curious, when I was in Italy I could remember everything I lived as a child and have love for what I did.

2.What does your profession have that others don't have?

All professions have their peculiarities, I always say that it is basically the combination of several professions. You have to be a leader like a president of a multinational, you have to be creative like a designer, you have to have strength in your legs like a runner, you have to be subtle like a surgeon, you have to withstand pressure like a doctor, you need a bit of everything! And that's why those who work in a kitchen add a little bit of everything.

3.If you could change your profession, what would it be?

I would probably be involved with art in general. Music, because I was a dj when I was a teenager. Maybe a painter. Because today I have a painting exhibited in a gallery.

4.Tell me three ingredients that can't be missing in your kitchen?

Emulsion / mayonnaise / aioli

Sprouts (micro-greens)


5.What is your favorite dish?

Here in Brazil we have some dishes that we identify as regional. Known as Okra chicken.

6.Do you know any dish from Spanish gastronomy?

Valencian paella


7.What is your specialty or favorite recipe?

I don't have a specialty, I don't like to dominate the specialists because you need to know how 90% of what you propose to do. I like creation, I like to combine flavors that most people would not expect.

8.Do you remember any recipe from your childhood that was special to you?

French toast at Christmas. My mom always made this recipe just for lunch on 12/25 and anything we can ask her over the course of the year she won't make it. Just make it at Christmas.

9.What makes your restaurant special?

Experience, we sell experience, we don't sell food!

10.If you know a dish from Spanish cuisine, would you dare to replicate it, but in your own style?

smoked gazpacho

11.What does it mean to be an ambassador of the Cook and Chef Foundation?

To be among the greats of gastronomy, to have the certainty that the company always aims at the best of the market, walking hand in hand with comfort, practicality and the highest quality. A company that is respected, with professionals who are present and are the best.