Objectives and environmental commitment

These are just some of the objectives of The Cook & Chef Institute, within the framework of environmental commitment, directly linked to Institute activities:

1.- We save energy and water

2.- We reduce waste production

3.- We manage and recycle the waste produced

4.- We make the case for the use of food leftovers

5.-A concerned team: This commitment is shared among all members of the club.

Photo Sustainability. Sustainability. The Cook & Chef Institute

We have a commitment to the Environment and Society

In response to our commitment to society, The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation through Bergner  is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) which guarantees the application of a specific code of conduct in the relationship with suppliers and a commitment to achieving the common international goal of improving working conditions around the world.
The BSCI Code of Conduct seeks to achieve particular social and environmental standards, in accordance with ILO Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations), the United Nations Conventions on children's rights and the elimination of all types of discrimination against women, the UN World Pact and the OECD Directives for Multinational Companies and other relevant internationally recognised agreements.