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During my Former days as a Culinary Professor, I would preach to the Younger Brigade the importance of being efficient, innovative, creative and imaginative in this prestigious field that we chefs take great pride in owning. Therefore great credit is attributed to the hardware and equipment that helps to propel these aforementioned traits that we strive for. Bergner has not only been the Equipment pioneer in providing quality and aesthetically pleasing kitchen and household tools but they have also developed immense €œTop Of Mind€ mention when myself and my Chef colleagues converse about leadership in Kitchen Equipment Production. Quite Frankly, Bergner is a practically a Culinary Synonym for Delicious Success.

Jason Peru

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Jason Peru graduated from The Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute (TTHTI ) in the year 2004 with his Associate In Sciences Degree in Culinary Management. He was awarded three scholarships to attend Johnson & Wales University in Miami to pursue his education further. It was there he attained his Associate Degree in Culinary Arts...



Jason Peru graduated from The Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Institute (TTHTI ) in the year 2004 with his Associate In Sciences Degree in Culinary Management. He was awarded three scholarships to attend Johnson & Wales University in Miami to pursue his education further. It was there he attained his Associate Degree in Culinary Arts & his Bachelors in Sciences Degree in Culinary Arts. He graduated with Golden Quill Honours and maintained Dean’s List Honours throughout his tenure at Johnson & Wales University.

While going to University he worked at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Miami , as a hot line chef. He was then offered A Chef De Partie position at The Celebrity Famed Restaurant, Karu & Y Lounge Miami. It was there he worked with his mentor, Chef Alberto Cabrera, where they catered to such stars as P. Diddy, Shaquille O’Neil , Gloria Estefan, Al Pacino and Jennifer Lopez too name a few. Jason also managed to work part time as a personal chef for clients and also a sauté chef in Pompano Beach Florida.

After returning home he was offered a contract to work on the ICC Tournament as a Catering Supervisor. After a short stint there he was offered a Sous Chef position at The Jaffa Restaurant at the Oval under JKP Investments.  However it was in July 2007 that TTHTI approached Jason with the position of Chef Lecturer of the Culinary Department. He spent a total of seven years at this position and after training over 3000 students, he moved onto his own path of entrepreneurship. He currently is still involved in Lecturing at many Culinary Seminars and Culinary Educational Institutes, and he is also a private Culinary Consultant and contractual culinary facilitator for private events and personal chef.

In addition to this, Jason has traveled quite extensively.  He returned from an Ambassadorial trip to London, Dubai and Africa where in Uganda he was invited by The High Commissioner of Trinidad & Tobago to Africa ( Uganda ) to partake in a TNT Food Festival.

Jason has also been no stranger to the Television Media where he constantly partakes in live cooking shows and guest appearances on many culinary related television segments both locally and internationally.

His recent venture into the Television entertainment / Culinary grounds is seen very frequently as the Resident Chef of Synergy TV. His affiliation with Synergy TV is quite mutual appearing on Synergy programs such as Synergy Nights Live, Pillow Talk, Synergy Chutney Star, as well as Celebrity Chef Wedding.

As a result of these appearances and culinary work related segments, he was offered an exclusive contract from The Imagine Media Company and Ezone Entertainment Ltd.  to be the UltimaxTV Chef and was signed to his very own Television Cooking and Entertainment Show in 2008. With his first season of his Cooking show“ Fast Food Fixes In Five” under his belt which is soon to be released to the broadcast public market. 

In early 2011 Jason was also asked to become one of the elite chosen chefs and culinary facilitators at the newly established Fanatic Kitchen Studios where he conducts live culinary showcases to the public and precedes over culinary workshops in a live cooking arena & forum. He was the first chef to launch the opening of Fanatic Kitchen Studios to the public which received overwhelming reviews.

He travels extensively with Fanatic Kitchen throughout the Caribbean to present culinary expositions and gastronomic showcases as per symposiums and seminars. Very recently in 2013, he was the only Trinidadian chef on Fanatic’s Behalf to be  invited to the Jamaican Food Awards to present live cooking demonstrations at the two days food seminar and Jamaican Observer Critic awards event.

To this day Jason continues to work adamantly in the culinary field even fulfilling three monthly cooking columns in local published magazines in Trinidad & Tobago and has even been featured three times in Caribbean Bell Fashion Magazine as an elite Fashionable Chef in the Industry in their Branded “ New Sexy” Showcase and additionally featured in Johnson & Wales’ Culinary University Magazine, for their Success Issue as their Trinidad & Tobago Alma Matta Chef of 2010.

He had recently been added to the selective chef cast of the Taste Cooking Franchise show on CNC3 as one of their Television chefs for the past five seasons which has been a huge success on the local culinary market for prime time TV. To such extent, in late 2014, Jason was offered the exclusive Contract to be the new Host of The Taste Cooking Culinary Show on CNC3 TV  in which was now rebranded the “ Taste Challenge” He just recently finished shooting his sixth season of the franchise.
In collaboration with the continuing Television Media presence of his culinary shows, Jason recently ventured into the Music Industry for 2015 with the production of his first Chutney Soca Musical Hit   “ Bubble With Me” which debuted on the local music charts within two weeks of its release. His presence on local radio and building international music recognition has raised awareness and helped open him to new demographics and markets.
In July 0f 2013,  Jason achieved an accomplishment that no other chef In Trinidad had, which was the first local chef to be endorsed by the Multi-Giant Telecommunications Company Of Trinidad & Tobago; “Bmobile”.
Having been recognized by Bmobile as an experienced, talented and Celebrity Chef within the market, made Jason’s value as a Television Celebrity Chef soar to unparalleled heights. 
In 2015 he was signed to CNMG TV State Media of Trinidad & Tobago for his 5th Television Show entitled “ Cooked ” which features Chef Jason in a more organic appearance, out of the Chef Jacket and in more casual clothing. The show is geared toward the household and family market weekly during Prime Time Night, and features Jason cooking quintessential localized dishes with immense fusion and techniques from around the world. This concept has catapulted him into a juggernaut and pioneer classification in the Trinidad & Tobago Television market as the # 1 Entertainment Chef and Local Culinarian Advocate.
With his Singing career via taking off also due to a stint in late 2014 which led him to Super Chutney Soca Hit named “ Bubble With Me” he has now joined forces with the premier Recording Studio and Producers in the Caribbean producing music yearly for both competitive reasons and cultural additions.  With all these projects and continual momentum, Jason has proved that he is journeying to build a template for what a true entertainment and showbiz Chef entails and how building a brand and name for yourself motivates and inspires others.


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