Diogo Noronha


I see values at the core of Bergner which reflect my own, ones that guide me on a daily basis both professionally and personally. Obviously, I have to mention the innovation and capacity of Bergner in the presentation of creative solutions, as well as the consistency of the brand and the sheer quality of their products. The modern, colourfully designed Bergner tools perfectly fulfil the intention of the company: to make our day-to-day ever more refined


After graduating in Interactive Social and Digital Communication, Diogo Noronha (1979) moved to New York in 2004 to study at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.

He began to work at ´Pure Food and Wine´, the worldwide reference point for the ´Raw´ diet. Later, he was chosen by chef Thomas Keller (who holds three Michelin stars) to join the ´Per Se´ team. A year later, he was back in Europe at the renowned ´MOO´ restaurant in Barcelona. This space has one Michelin star and is advised by the Roca siblings (owners of ´El Celler de Can Roca´ - best restaurant in the world 2013 and recipient of 3 Michelin stars).

A tireless thirst for knowledge led Diogo Noronha to the ´Alkimia´ (also holder of one Michelin star) run by Jordi Villa. In 2009, he returned to his origins and unveiled all his creative abilities at ´Pedro y el Lobo´, where he is a partner, which would redefine catering in Lisbon. Following this project, in 2013, Diogo Noronha was invited by Mainside to create a culinary identity for the group. ´La Casa de Pasto´ was their first project and the second - ´Río Wonder´ - is expected to open this year in October.

Diogo Noronha has been named one of the most creative chefs of his generation whose creations are an authentic homage to Portuguese products and cuisine.


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