Éric Jambon


I use many products Bergner in my professional kitchen, Bergner quality products allow me to develop and achieve my recipes.


As Éric Jambon says €œI did this job by atavism, my father was Chef, my uncle was owner of a starred restaurant, my cousin is Chef. My mother was the real mother from Lyon who got up every Sunday at 5:00 to prepare lunch for the whole family€ After studying English and Computer Science, he founded his company, a data center. Soon, the systems he develops (data center, website, CD-ROM) catches the interest of the famous Chef Paul Bocuse. While working for him a relationship begins to develop between the two men and soon, Éric starts being attracted by the world of cuisine and he begins to practice the profession. "This encounter with Paul Bocuse has transformed my taste and my passion for cooking into a real know-how". He finally find the Domaine Du Séquoia, he bought it in 2005. While traveling, especially in the USA and Canada, he saw other ways to work and he saw all the codes of traditional cuisine shattered, which encouraged him to propose menus without choices for the customers at his restaurant when he came back. It is a success and after 8 years in the kitchen, Éric receives his first Michelin star.

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