Luis Carcas


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The brothers Luis Antonio and Javier Carcas are the chefs and owners of the Gastrobar Casa Pedro restaurant in Zaragoza. Their well-known restaurant has a history of almost 70 years, to which they have contributed their refreshing style of modern, creative cuisine without losing sight of the tradition and importance of a good product. “Cooking with taste”, as they call it.

The Chefs have been through prestigious kitchens of great recognition, such as: "Martín Berasategui" in Lasarte (3 Michelin stars), Carmelo Bosque’s “Lillas Pastia" and "Las Torres", which belongs to the the Abadía brothers (both well-known kitchens with 1 Michelin star).

Throughout their career, they have obtained numerous gastronomic awards and prizes both locally and nationally. Here are a few:

  • Best Tapa in Zaragoza and its Province 2010, 2014 and 2015
  • Best Tapa in Spain Traditional Flavour 2015
  • Best Tapa in Aragon 2016
  • Best Cooks in Aragon 2018 in the Lorenzo Acín Cuisine and Dessert Chef of Aragon
  • 1st Prize in the 14th National Tapas Competition of Valladolid 2018 with the best Tapa in Spain.

They are, without a doubt, two enterprising brothers who are keen to better themselves day after day.

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