Ramsés González


Ramsés González: a Michelin star chef. 


Ramsés González Méndez [Havana, December 22, 1991].
Ramsés began his professional career in the family restaurant, a Cuban cuisine restaurant. He stayed there for many years until he felt ready to embark on his own path. He did an internship at the Novodabo restaurant in Zaragoza, where he stayed for 5 years as head chef. During this time, he got to know the area of Aragón, the land, its producers, traditional recipes and the diners, both from the region and from abroad, in a professional way. 

At that time he met Diego Millán and his project. Both were at the same professional moment, the moment when the CANCOOK concept as it is known today was born. 

2018 - National Contest of Ajo Morado de las Pedroñeras (Pedroñeras's Purple Garlic)
2019 - 1 Michelin Star 
2019 - Best Restaurant in Aragon by the Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy.
2019 - Best Restaurant in the Zaragoza Restaurant Contest. 
2020 - 1 Repsol Sun 
2022 - 2 Repsol Suns



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