Liz Veronica Vera


Representing BERGNER and being a member of COOK AND CHEF INSTITUTE is a satisfying fact and it is an honor to be part of this project. I have security and peace of mind in my daily work when handling utensils and kitchenware from the BERGNER line, obtaining significant time savings in the preparation of food.


Paraguayan nationality. Born in the city of Asuncion, on May 27, 1986.

She studied Primary-Secondary in Asuncion, being Bachelor in Accounting. 

In 2014 she made several short courses, initiation in pastry - confectionery - bakery in an institute called INFORCAP.

Determined to burn stages and train, she continued attending workshops and training sessions in other institutes, such as EFAES and SARA GAROFALO Cooking School.

In 2015 he took a decisive step towards professionalization, starting in the IGA PARAGUAY Institute, a higher education, and in which he graduated as "Tecnico Superior en Gastronomia y Alta Cocina", in 2017.

In her own premises, she carries out different ventures. Workshops & Trainings, in addition to the daily activities of elaborating delicacies and delicacies for different types of events, business and social.

She has a television program "Mañana Plus" - Red Guarani - Channel 2.

A tireless promoter of the culinary art, she encourages and encourages children, teenagers, young people and adults to consider this noble activity as a means of therapy or healthy pastime.


The Cook & Chef Foundation is formed by relevant figures from international haute cuisine and young talent who share a vision of the world based on respect, on ethics, and on the good work of signature cooking.