Cook & Chef Atelier

Cooking Workshop for Kids with Chef Greg Louraichi in Xiamen, China

Wednesday, 23 August, 2023

The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation team in China, in collaboration with the renowned brand Masterpro, has conducted a workshop at the restaurant run by the chef and ambassador of our foundation Greg Louraichi in Xiamen. This workshop aimed to introduce several children to the world of cooking.

It was a special day in which the little apprentices had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of gastronomy at the hands of one of the most prominent chefs in the current culinary scene. Greg's restaurant served as the perfect setting for this unique culinary experience, where the children were able to discover the secrets and magic behind the delicious dishes prepared by the chef.

Without a doubt, this experience left a lasting impression on the young participants and hopefully planted the seed for future culinary talent in the Xiamen region. The Cook & Chef Institute Foundation remains committed to its mission of fostering culinary excellence and culinary education. We look forward to seeing how these young talents continue their journey in the exciting world of cooking.