Carlos Leal


"Bergner is not just a world-renowned producer of culinary accessories. Clarity of vision has seen them become synonymous with innovation, creativity and perfection for culinary professionals and amateurs alike."


Carlos Leal is the creator of culinary companies in Mexico that include: Compañía de Sales, Mortar and Sons, Loyal & Febre Destilados de Agave and Dodo el Vino. They have participated in notable food fairs in America, Europe and Asia. Some of them are currently doing excellent business and can be found in over 400 POS in Mexico, the USA and Canada.

His interest in culinary experimentation led him to enrol in Masterchef Mexico 2018. This is the most watched programme on Mexican television and his compatriots could see him go all the way to the semi-finals on the show. He has given talks in various forums, among them TedX and the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, and is one of the leading figures promoting the consumption of insects in Mexico. Additionally, he participated as an expert in agave distillation, offering conferences and tastings at the Dual Year Mexico-UK in London. A self-taught lover of all things cooking, he is on a constant search for innovation and experimentation: the kitchen IS his chem lab. His culinary skills and creativity see him regularly invited to major festivals, special events and to cook alongside renowned chefs.

The Cook & Chef Foundation is formed by relevant figures from international haute cuisine and young talent who share a vision of the world based on respect, on ethics, and on the good work of signature cooking.