Francesco D´Agostino


Francesco D'Agostino, of Italian-Venezuelan roots, born in 1987, since 2010 in Germany active as a professional chef.
Ambassador of Good Food and Sustainable Gastronomy.
Self-employed since 2017, First Restaurant (Storchenest in Kehl am Rhein).
From 2019 to the present, Founder of Gioias Restaurant (Owner and Head Chef).
2022 to present, Founder of La Casita by Gioias (Owner and Chef).


My name is Francesco D'Agostino and I am an Italian-Venezuelan Chef living in Germany since 2010.
I studied Hotel Management at the Simón Bolivar University in Venezuela where I discovered the Love for the Kitchen, in 2010 I emigrated to Germany and started working in Restaurants as assistant in the dining room and Kitchen, in a short time, in spite of the Language Barriers, I could demonstrate my abilities and my passion for the kitchen, in this way I was going up of position and likewise of Responsibilities until becoming head chef and taking the Direction of Two Restaurants and Hotel.
Between this period, I acquired a wonderful amount of experiences through my job, I dedicated my free time to improve my techniques, knowledge and experiences through various internships in Michelin star restaurants, various courses and I could also through years of effort to attend the Cooking School "Le Cordon Bleu" in which I could deepen and perfect my base as a cook.
In the Year 2017 I opened my First Restaurant called "Storchenest" in Kehl, Germany in which I had the Opportunity to participate in different magazines and Books, we participated and won in a German Television program called "Mein Lokal dein Lokal", we won the Dinner Choice Award from TripAdvisor and we were Distinguished with a Dish in the Michelin Guide.
In 2019 I got the opportunity to create a restaurant from "0" and from there Gioias Restaurant was born, which I currently represent, here we have in the same way Participated in different books and Magazines of the Country and we have obtained different distinctions of Gastronomic Guides.
In the year 2021 and 2022 we have participated in the award-winning contest of Chef of the Year, in which we have classified as finalists twice in a row.
Currently, my style of cooking, representing the different experiences throughout my life, includes Latin American, Italian, French and German Techniques and Flavors.
My goal is to offer an efficient and profitable gastronomic concept, with maximum importance to sustainability and product quality, which allows a pleasant working environment for our employees and customers.
With Bergner, we have found a fantastic cooperation since it follows the same parameters and company philosophy as ours.
In this way we use Bergner Products in our kitchen, Sustainability and Quality in all aspects, from the conservation and storage of our high quality products to the elaboration and presentation of our creations to our customers.


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