Michael Katz


As a cooking instructor and owner of a cooing school we teach from day one the importance of sustainability.


Born in 1970 Chef Michael Katz is currently one of the most demanded cooking demonstrations presenter and lecturers in the country when it comes to cooking, and an Ambassador of the State of Israel when it comes to explaining Israeli cooking abroad. During his 32 years in the cooking world, Michael has worked in 2 and 3 Michelin-rated Restaurants, owned his own restaurant, received the Master Chef association of Belgium title, was a full house teacher in London’s Cordon Bleu cooking school, helped to establish a cooking school in Mexico City and was the Executive Chef of various high profile restaurants in London and Israel. From 2017 to 2021 Michael was the coordinator and main lecturer of the “Professional cooking course “ at Israel's largest cooking school “Dan Gourmet”, an advisor to food tech companies.  Since 2009 Michael has been involved in Pro Bono consulting and advising young chefs, running a cooking school for youngsters at risk with his partners.  Since 2015 he has managed a blog dedicated to young cooks and chefs with more than 171 articles published, to help them in their endeavors. Since November 2021 is constructing its own cooking school named “Attilio” school for professional and amateur cooks which is excepted to open in October 2022. He is married to Sandra and is the father of Mia and Gabriel, in the little time he has left he is passionate about playing drums and scale modeling, and writing.

The Cook & Chef Foundation is formed by relevant figures from international haute cuisine and young talent who share a vision of the world based on respect, on ethics, and on the good work of signature cooking.