Roberto Sihuay


I am happy to belong to this great family because we have values in common and they are a great ally for our day to day.


Roberto Sihuay (1981 / Lima-Peru) is professionally dedicated to the kitchen for over 13 years , graduated from the University San Ignacio de Loyola (2004) in Lima - Peru , where he worked in restaurants and hotels of great level , 2007 began his culinary adventure in Spain where he worked in Mediterranean food restaurants and a short training in the Bell Art school - Barcelona . In 2014 he opened the restaurant Ceviche 103 in Barcelona, where the basis of his cuisine is Peruvian food and plays with local products. The following two years they opened two more restaurants, Nikkei 103 where they fuse Japanese flavors and techniques with Peruvian ones.  La Turuleca is a home-style restaurant. The 2014 was winner of the best Dish of the year in the Time Out awards, with the Rice with duck . competing with the restaurant Hoja Santa of Albert Adrià . Roberto is Professor of Peruvian food in a cooking school in Barcelona (considered among the best culinary schools in the world) at the Culinary Institute of Barcelona. He is currently the head chef and main manager of the restaurant Ibiza Canalla, where he offers Nikkei food mixed with Peruvian and Japanese cooking techniques, working with local Mediterranean products. 

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